Monday, 30 April 2007


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In the spring of 2004, Trees for Thanet was asked if it could plant a 'memorial' in memory of Ivan Plewis, a farmer and keen gardener who died at the age of 75 in 2003. His daughter and widow had promised him that rather than flowers at his funeral. mourners would contribute to a growing memorial.

Trees for Thanet suggested that an 'avenue of limes' be planted in Woodchurch Road as it approached the trees around Woodchurch Farm and the recently planted Jubilee Hedge. Quex Park kindly agreed to this proposal and on Saturday 4th December 2004, Trees for Thanet was joined by Ivan's widow, Isobel and daughter Sarah Plewis-Martin to plant the 'avenue'.

30 broad leaved limes were planted at 5m intervals on the south side of the lane and a further 30 on the north side. the picture above shows the halfway stage. Each 60cm 'whip' was planted with tubex tree shelter and stake and a 1m square mulch sheet placed around it for weed suppression and moisture retention. The view above is towards Garlinge.

The north side of the lane being finished off with barley straw placed over the mulch sheet to retain warmth and promote root growth. the view is towards Woodchurch Farm.

The 'Ivan Plewis Memorial Limes' in April 2007 looking towards Garlinge. Despite two hot dry summers and drought conditions in 2006, there have been no casualties so far despite a tractor knocking out a tubex shelter and stake at the Jubilee Hedge end and a speeding driver running over a tree as his vehicle left the road on the sharp bend by the 3rd telegraph pole in the distance in the picture above!

Strimming of the verge and around the trees is creating a grass sward and by not ploughing up to the trees a small headland has been created. Alexanders, have however, invaded the near end and will need to be eradicated. If all goes well , in 30 years time it is hoped that the canopies of the limes will meet above the lane to provide a' living green cathedral' in the view shown above!

Ivan Plewis' favourite tree was the Laburnum and it was decided that in addition to the 'memorial avenue of limes' it would be nice to have a stand of 3 Laburnums planted beside the Shottendane Road/ Manston Road/ Margate Hill junction in his memory. These will, it is hoped, provide a riot of yellow blossom in May each year for passing motorists to enjoy. The picture above shows Isobel Plewis and daughter Sarah Plewis-Martin joining members of Trees for Thanet in planting one of the laburnums on the Acol side of the junction. The Isle of Thanet Gazette recorded the final planting.


smart said...

We were absolutely delighted with the work done by Trees for Thanet. It was something that we as a family thought would be a fitting tribute. My brothers were not able to be there at the planting but fully supported the idea and enjoy watching the trees grow. We hope that this will encourage many more people to plant a living memorial to their loved ones. Thank you again.

Amy Jones said...

Our pleasure and thanks for your comments.