Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Its been 10 years

I am finding its easier to plant trees than it is to set up a Blog site, so bear with us until some technical help comes in!

The Trees for Thanet Group began in 1996 and has now involved over 300 young people from around Thanet in planting hedgerows and trees. We have been altering the look of lanes between Birchington and Manston for 10 planting seasons and collecting tons of rubbish. The aim was to to restore old hedges and create improved habitat for wild-life in an area under intense cultivation right up to road verges. With the help of Quex Park and other sponsors and a great deal of hard work by young people, these aims are being achieved.

The aim of this blog is to provide a history of the past 11 years and to keep anyone who is interested, updated on what is going on now.

When we master the technical details of putting photographs on we will also illustrate items with before and after pictures and any other pictures that might be of interest.

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I think it's great to document things like this. Keep it up.

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