Saturday, 14 April 2007


The plan for early 2001 was to plant a single row hedgerow opposite the 'Millenium Hedge' in Park Road. Members had been doing maintenance work (weeding & clearing) in the Autumn of 2000 in preparation and then Foot & Mouth erupted. Whilst Thanet was fortunately not affected, Quex Park's land near Sandwich bordered an outbreak zone and because cattle were being grazed in Quex Park, all work had to cease for the planting season and until the 'all clear' was given. Most young members of the Group appreciated the enforced 'rest' and like all young people, enjoyed the Saturday mornings wrapped under a duvet as opposed to freezing in a NE wind blowing over a ploughed field !
Despite 'losing' a planting season, weeding and clearing was able to restart in the summer to prevent the previous plantings from becoming overgrown.

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Kim said...

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Good luck and well done! your an inspiration!