Friday, 27 April 2007


(See Project 3 on Projects map) The view south along Park Road in July 1996. Wheat is growing upto the verge on the left and barley right up to the verge on the right. In the distance are the trees around Woodchurch Farm and the grain storage barn has not been built yet.

The same view south along Park Road towards Woodchurch in April 2007. The Millenium Hedgerow starts on the left with a small leaved lime that has been hit twice by farm machinery, still growing! On the right is Two Chimneys Hedge (Project 8A) hiding the screening bund.

The Millenium Hedge (on the left) in late summer of 2002 at the point where a footpath goes left to The Shottendane Road and a Bridleway runs right to Sparrow Castle. The single row was planted in 1997.

The same view in Park Road in April 2007 with KCC signs fixed to the pole but a passing tractor has given the pole a new slant! If you look closely you will see a bluebell just below the hedge; it was not there in 2006!

In Park Road in late summer 2001 with this gap-filling section of The Millenium now 4 years old. Note the stubble from an arable crop right up to the road verge where The QEQM Hedgerow(Project 7) was to be planted in 2002.

The same section of The Millenium Hedgerow in April 2007 with the single row QEQM Hedge on the right with a 6m headland and permissive bridleway behind it.

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