Thursday, 26 April 2007


(Project 8 on Projects Map)

The start of the Jubilee Hedge (on the left) in Woodchurch Road as you approach Woodchurch Farm from Garlinge. The wild cherry and hawthorns in blossom in April 2007
Roger Gale MP and Sister Alice Montgomery OSU plant the final wild cherry to mark the end of planting the Jubilee Hedge in Woodchurch Road on 8th March 2003.
The same view up the slope in Woodchurch Road in April 2007. The wild cherry being shown planted by Roger Gale (see above) was stolen by a thief who came out one night and dug it up! The more mature hedge on the opposite side of Woodchurch Road was the second part of 'Environmental Project 2000' and was planted in 2000.
Students from Ellington Girls School joined Trees for Thanet to plant 250 hawthorns in January 2003. The picture below shows the same section in blossom in April 2007.

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