Wednesday, 25 April 2007


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Shottendane Copse on the corner of Park Road and Shottendane Road in April 1997. A rubbish tip with 'Alexanders' covering the whole copse floor and suppressing, by its winter growth, all other ground flora and preventing any tree regeneration.

Shottendane Copse in late April 2007.
Fenced, kept clear of rubbish and planted to add to natural regeneration of trees.The contrast could not be greater. A much richer ground flora, natural regeneration of trees underway and planting as necessary. Bluebells framed by young spring leaves of a naturally seeded oak!

The 'Alexanders' were stifling all other ground flora and now the contrast 10 years later with natural self seeding of trees underway and a richer ground flora present is marvellous.

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