Wednesday, 25 April 2007


(Project 8A on the projects map)

Two Chimneys Hedge in Park Road being planted in 2003 and how it looks in late April 2007.

The view is north to Shottendane Road with the Millenium Hedge (planted in 1998)on the right-hand side of the lane. The mild April has brought the Hawthorn into blossom and oil-seed rape into flower three weeks earlier than normal. The top of Two Chimney's screening bund was planted in January 2007 and a wildlife haven will develop between the two plantings!

A 'Savill' Lime can be seen behind the Millenium Hedge on the right.

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Lauren Harris 3183 said...

so your the fucking bastards that are trying to get me killed on the way to and from school?! i can't tell whether there are any cars coming or not becuase the trees and bushes are so overgrown that no-one can see! i hope that the trees get chopped down, becuase they're nothing but inconsiderate and stupidity in regards of vehicles and pedestrians as there is nowhere to go if there are on-coming cars!

well done genius!