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(Projects 11 & 12 on Trees for Thanet Projects Map)

In the 2002/2003 Planting Season (Nov - Mar) Quex Park began its contract hedgerow planting for the Countryside Stewardship Scheme in Quex Park and along the Manston Road. A contractor used notch planting of small 1 year old plants into grass sward and no maintenance was carried out. Dry springs, hot summers and weed competition quickly resulted in a 70% failure rate. Trees for Thanet had planted, at the same time, The Two Chimneys Hedge and The Jubilee Hedge ( Projects 8A & 8). 60cm whips with good root systems , using canes and spiral guards for support, were planted into separate holes and most importantly hand-weeding prevented weed choke and improved moisture retention. The result was good growth and less than a 2% casualty rate.


Trees for Thanet was asked by Quex if it would re-plant all the failed hedgerows and work began in November 2004 in Quex Park. The failures, planted in black mesh guards for support had to be removed and the ground strimmed to soil level before planting each week. By Saturday 5th February 2005, the planting in Quex Park was completed and 1575 plants dug in. The busiest weekend saw The Outdoor Pursuits Club from Ursuline College come out to help plant and the 11 & 12 year olds manged to plant 275 on Sunday 23rd January, making the total planted for the week-end, 600 plants. The Project was suspended on Saturday 4th December as Trees for Thanet diverted for the morning to plant The Ivan Plewis memorials.This project was weeded in the summer of 2005 and spiral guards and canes were removed in April 2007.

Part of the hedgerow in Quex Park in May 2007 with spiral guards removed and hand weeding started.

This project started on Saturday 12th February 2005 at The Sparrow Castle Pumping Station and eventually had to go south to the junction with Woodchurch Road. It was decided that planting should stop on 19th March 2005 as experience was showing that the late plantings were not establishing so well due to early onset of Springs and very dry weather conditions in March and April each year. By the 19th a total of 1025 had been planted.

Fine sunshine but planting on Saturday 5th March had to be cancelled because snow was still on the ground! This picture shows canes and plants being wrapped with 'half' spirals before planting. The 6m Countryside Stewardship headland has been established and the permissive bridle-way was in use. The view is south down The Manston Road towards Manston.

Planting in full swing. The verge and planting area has been strimmed in preparation and the few surviving plants from 2003 can be seen in their black plastic mesh guards. The view is north along the Manston Road with Sparrow Castle Pumping Station in the background. The headland can be seen clearly contrasting with the crop sown to its right.

The start of the 'new' Manston Road Hedgerow in March 2005 .

To complement the hedgerow, it was decided to plant 8 dessert cherry trees behind it. Jane Wenham-Jones, author and Isle of Thanet Gazette columnist 'Plain Jane', was invited to join us on Saturday 26th March to see the various projects and to do the 'honours' with the silver spade and plant the last tree of the season. The Isle of Thanet Gazette recorded the moment.

Jane then wrote about her morning with Trees for Thanet in her column 'Plain Jane'.

The 'season' saw a total of 2,600 Hawthorn, 60 Limes, 3 Laburnums and 8 Dessert Cherries planted on the 3 Projects (Quex Park, Manston Road & Ivan Plewis Memorial)

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