Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Our Projects

The map shows our projects between Birchington and Manston.
The Trees for Thanet Group was initially started at the 'new' Ursuline College, Westgate in January 1996 to provide a Service for Duke of Edinburgh's Award members at the school. It has since become a 'stand alone' group providing opportunity for environmental service throughout Thanet.
The first project began when permission was given by Quex Park to begin work on the 'hump' opposite Sparrow Castle Pumping Station on the Manston Road.(1) in January 1996. It is believed the 'hump' was formed when the military railway line spur to Manston was taken out and hardcore was piled up there.
Years of accumulated rubbish was cleared and 124 trees and shrubs were planted. Because of the nature of the site, a dry summer and the group's inexperience, by September 1997, a survey revealed 24 failures. A home-made ranch fence was put around the site, since replaced; strimming to produce grasses has happened and the front end is still maintained with the rear part of the site now un-managed.
The site provides a habitat for short-tailed voles, foxes and in recent years sky-lark nests. The purists would object to daffodills planted close to the road, but they add colour in spring!

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Karen said...

I planted my first tree in March 1997 on th Millenium hedgerow and have spent many hours planting a great deal more!
I now drive past them daily on my way to work and they look fabulous!
Something to be proud of!