Tuesday, 24 April 2007


The morning of Saturday 21st April 2007 was a busy one for Trees for Thanet Group. Meridian TV returned after 10 Years to see how the projects had grown and to interview 3 members who had been involved 10 years ago in the planting of the 'Millenium Hedgerow'

Roger Gale MP, was invited to plant a lovely dessert cherry to mark the end of the 10th Planting Season with 'old planters' joining the current team to watch. In addition, loyal and long term sponsors were invited to come along and celebrate and Mr & Mrs Horwood from 'Lemon Tree' in Ramsgate and Mr Anthony Curwen from Quex Park Estates Ltd also joined the Group.

Roger Gale MP does the honours!

(Because of the early spring and unseasonably warm and dry weather, the cherry was planted earlier in March and can now be seen 'planted' in full blossom!)

After the 'planting', Anthony Curwen very kindly invited Trees for Thanet Group and Sponsors to his house in Quex Park for much welcome refreshments at an informal reception to round off a busy morning.

Paul Fitzgerald and his camera-man Phil, arrived at 0930 and spent until 1045 taking shots and interviewing members, old and new. Because planting was long over and TV requires 'activity', the Group were asked to look busy and ended up pulling Alexanders out of the 'QEQM' Hedge in Park Road and removing spirals and canes from planting on the Manston Road.
Paul Fitzgerald and Phil record the action as 'QEQM' Hedge loses some un-welcome Alexanders.

Phil, the camera-man, moves in on hand-weeding and spiral guard removal of 1 year plants.

It is hoped to be able to put up the Meridain clip for access in due course but until then it is the 4th item on Meridian Southeast News of 21st April and can be looked at on www.Meridiantv.com. For a fast link try: www.itvlocal.com/meridian/news/?player=MER_News_26&void=61492

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