Thursday, 12 April 2007


In 1998, Trees for thanet received a request for help from Audrey Twyman, Clerk to Manston Parish Council. Like Broadstairs & St Peters Town Council, the year before, Manston had some limited funds and wanted to put some hedges and trees into Manston Park, could Trees for Thanet help? Of course!; the Group is always happy to plant other peoples money!

After on-site visits it was decided to hedge in the dog-walking area( dog-toilet area actually!), put hedges along open fencing, gap fill on existing hedges and plant a small copse of trees to the left of the entrance car-park.

Work took place over 3 Saturday mornings and began on the 6th March after work on the 'Environment Project -2000' in Woodchurch Road had finished. 300 hawthorns, 80 mixed species and 10 saplings were planted by the Group and 1st Westgate Scouts. The project finished with the planting of a young specimen oak bought by Manston Parish Council. The Chairman, David Steed came to do the honours and the Isle of Thanet Gazette recorded the event!

As it was late in the season, there was concern that the oak would be vulnerable to drought conditions in the summer. Promises to water the oak were made but it needed thorough watering with about 5 gallons each week! The summer was hot and sadly the oak did not make it! Trees for Thanet has decided that in future, it will purchase stock to be planted; that way they will take the blame for failure!
A lesson learned then and later was that 10' to 12' specimen trees are all well and good for instant effect but need weekly soaking for the first year. It has been found better to plant 2-3 yr 'whips' and let them grow strongly in situ and get roots out and down as they grow.

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