Monday, 3 December 2007


We were delighted that Infratil, the owners of Kent International Airport, Manston and Oasis Hong Kong Airlines agreed to sponsor a new hedgerow to be planted on the south side of Shottendane Road from the junction of Park Road to the junction of Minster Road.
The 530m hedgerow will be a double hawthorn hedge with wild cherry trees planted every 20m and will 'connect' to the end of our 'Millenium Hedgerow' in Park Road. (see Projects Map).

Work will begin this month and it is hoped that the project will be completed by the end of January/early February 2008. Hawthorns will be cut back to 6-8" and covered with black plastic mulch sheet to prevent weed growth, water competition and to retain moisture.

Members of Trees for Thanet had an enjoyable visit to Manston on Tuesday 27 November for the presentation of a generous cheque for £3,000 from our sponsors. John Armitage, Business Development Support Manager for the airport met the group and looked after all security aspects and very kindly arranged a trip in a fire tender for those whose ID was not adequate.

The cheque presentation was made by Matt Clarke, Chief Executive of Kent International Airport, and Gerard Clarke, UK General Manager for Oasis Hong Kong Airlines .Members were then given a guided tour of Oasis Hong Kong's 747-400 series aircraft by the Captain and crew who had landed specifically for the presentation. The Isle of Thanet Gazette were there to record the event!


administrator said...

Are you mad! Infratil plan to destroy wildlife and pollute the skies and water table with their airport expansion, and you want to celebrate them on your website for saving a hedge!!

They want 6 million passengers a year at that airport. Do you have any idea what that will do to Ramsgate and neighbouring towns and villages?

Brad said...

i think you need to relax. the isle needs this airport to get going! it would be amazing.

administrator said...

Hi Brad

Why are you so keen to poison the water table beneath the airport at a time of water shortage?

Why are you so keen to have clouds of fuel, which are proven to be carcinogenic, sprayed over a town that already has a much, much higher rate of cancer than the rest of kent?

Why do you think low flying aircraft noise would be good for the Isle?

Why do you think that turning the Isle into a concrete covered airport/business park/shopping centre will be good for tourism?