Thursday, 2 August 2007


The HSBC hedge was strimmed and weeded in early May (see post below) during a drought period in the driest Spring for many years and only took a few hours work. After 322mm of rain in Birchington since 24th May the picture below shows how vigorous 'weed' growth soon chokes a young hedge. Oxtongues, in particular, have been the nastiest to deal with as they not only took over the verge but also the strip between the hedge and wheat crop and are in the frame for a few bad 'strimmer's rashes'. The hedge has clearly benefitted from so much rain but has not responded with as much growth as newly planted sections or older established hedges. That said, as the picture below shows, the HSBC Hedge is in excellent condition 18 months from planting. The only exceptions are where vehicles leaving the Manston Road on the bend in the photograph are taking their toll of young plants. Not only has this road got much busier due to traffic going to and from Westwood Cross but the 1 mile 'straight' seems to be a challenge to some motorists to do a 'ton'. As the photograph shows, the bend is poorly signed and at night is 'invisible'; KCC has been urged to improve signing and put reflectors on the bend!

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